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Shalom, welcome to Camus Gallery

The Camus Gallery was established in 1995 by Tomer Camus.

Tomer is the 18th generation born in Safed and has a deep connection to the Old city of Safed .

In later years he met Ketti who shortly after became his wife.

Ketti Camus is now one of Safed's most famous Israeli artists.

Tomer and Ketti both well known Israeli artists also represent some of the top Israeli artists such as : Calman Shemi , David Schluss , David Gerstein and Isaac Mimon.

In the old city of Safed Tomer and Ketti have opened four beautiful art galleries, One of these outstanding art galleries has to offer an ancient museum from five hundred years ago , past down to him by his great grandparents .

Tomer and his staff members will be happy to take you there on a guided tour


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